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A Funny French Translation

The Babelfish translation from French to English sounds like the Coneheads wrote the story:

Close to " Zero Ground " the guard of honour always upright for the first-aid workers

New York, Oct. 2 (AFP) - Lost in the medium of a road with six ways and survivor with blows of coffees and cookies, an eclectic bandages of New-Yorker continuous to form a guard of honour to go up moral first-aid workers who spend their days in the horror of " Zero Ground ".

" Guard the moral one, guy! ", " you are loved! ", shout these volunteers by agitating panels of encouragement when the trucks of the firemen, the vehicles of the police officers or workmen pass in front of them, while going towards the ruins of World Trade Center or while returning from there.

In answer, they receive concerts of blows of horns, sirens, whistles, cries. The first-aid workers, often leaning to their window, raise the inch in the air or type in the hand of their supporters.

Three weeks after the drama, they are 24 hours a day there and they will remain there to support the teams of first-aid workers until all the human remainders came out of the debris of the twin towers, insist they.

" These types see horrible things, it is very difficult for them psychologically ", known as Tarp Mott, fringant thirty year which has just lost its employment in the world of the Internet.

" We are there to give them a smile and something which they can see with pleasure when they return from this hell ", continues Tarp Mott of which the tired eyes testify the 14 hours spent to acclaim each vehicle.

Just after the attacks, a broad crowd had gathered at this place, with the edge of Greenwich Village, to support the teams of rescuers.

But whereas the hope to find survivors died out with time, Tarp Mott was sometimes found, however well defined to only maintain the guard of honour alive.

Once, it " held " the place without anybody of other during 27 hours, until it unearths some new recruits. Now, it has a small tape from 12 to 15 people who help it to maintain the flame.

" crowd decreased until it does not remain any more that me, then I remained ", says it. " We have whole buses of police officers, workmen individually came to tighten our hands, to clasp us in their arms and to cry. We know all what that represents for their moral and as that exploits their work ".

The small camp, recognizable with its balloons red, white and blue, its candles, its messages of solidarity and its energy drink heaps, also became a kind of center of consulting for the first-aid workers and their families.

" the stories which we hear are terrifying. They come especially the night and tell us history about which you do not intend much to speak because they are too bloody and psychologically upsetting ", known as Tarp Mott.

Close to him, the others supporters are schoolboys or many businessmen.

Among them, Betty Barnett, a businesswoman 65 years which lives near from here and has a house in the very smart area of Hamptons on the Atlantic coast. It knew five people among the few 5.500 died or disappeared from World Trade Center.

" I feel blessed as a mother of five children because my daughter was over there (in the WTC) the day of front, and my son holds meetings there all the time ", says she by making sign to the occupants of a van of the company of Verizon telecommunication which struggles to restore its services around the ruins of " Zero Ground ".

" Look at acclaiming me Verizon. I hated them, now I like them. I say it to you, the world changed ".

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