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Point Thank You is:



Not sponsored by anything other than our own conscience.
There is no additional agenda.

We are just ordinary people directly doing the decent human thing.

Remember, *anyone* can do this. There's no group to join. It's all set up at Christopher Street at West Street (New Yorkers call this the West Side Highway). There's nothing wrong with cheering on the recovery efforts ANYWHERE you can see them in the city. But this is a place where you can go and are likely to find others there.

Remember, traffic that looks ordinary may not be ordinary at all. We not only cheer on firemen and police, but debris trucks, Verizon, U.S. Mail, Con Ed, catering trucks and private cars... ANYONE. Those who are working at the WTC often wave, flash lights, or even blip their sirens as they pass. Sometimes they stop to talk or express their gratitude directly.

Most of the time, it's an upbeat experience for you. After all, we're keeping up their morale. We tell them "Good Morning," Say "Thank You," and generally tell them to stay strong and keep their spirits high. They love it and moreover it *really* helps at Ground Zero. Every day, they tell us directly how much it means.

Remains do pass by in ambulances. Ambulances that are escorted by police motorcycles and other cars contain the remains of firefighters, police, or other members of service. We quietly and respectfully acknowledge these processions passing by.

Hero Highway sign

But the main purpose is to help the living who must face things no human should have to face. This form of charity -- just ordinary people of all types sharing themselves a little bit in a casual grassroots way -- is exactly what they want. It costs you nothing and can be done at your own convenience, but it is a gift that is of lifelong value to the human beings working there.

Don't be shy! Introduce yourself to others there. If no one is there, then you get the privilege of standing alone for a little while. Whether alone or with others, and no matter how touching an experience you have or how much fun it seems to be out there, you'll be standing not only for the heroes of the world but for human civilization. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes, huh? -- Tarp Mott

Point Thank You * Christopher Street & the West Side Highway * New York City

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